If a picture paints a thousand words

This blog is a place for me to work on my photography. My goal is to submit a new picture every day and to get better as the moments go by. I take all pictures with my digital camera. I worked for years with a 35 mm minolta, and this is a learning experience for me. I am afraid that I got lazy and allowed the camera to choose most of the settings for me. This is my journey of learning how to shoot a camera that is not in a program mode. It is harder than I ever imagined. That makes this challenge both a new experience and a joy for me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grandpa's Bear - Day 136

My grandfather was a wood carver.  He hand carved this bear for my mother many years ago.  When my mother passed away, I ended up with the bear.  I love the detail in him.  It is amazing to me that this was carved from a single block of word.  It is amazing that that piece of lumber transformed into this bear.  Whenever I look at it, I am reminded that out of small and simple things, great things can come to pass.


  1. He was an amazing carver!

  2. Lovely post and beautiful bear. Amazing. I just got a Nikon D90 and I too am perplexed/it may be too much for me!

  3. Wow, this is so amazing! What a talent he had. That detail is just awe inspiring. So wonderful that you still have this piece!