If a picture paints a thousand words

This blog is a place for me to work on my photography. My goal is to submit a new picture every day and to get better as the moments go by. I take all pictures with my digital camera. I worked for years with a 35 mm minolta, and this is a learning experience for me. I am afraid that I got lazy and allowed the camera to choose most of the settings for me. This is my journey of learning how to shoot a camera that is not in a program mode. It is harder than I ever imagined. That makes this challenge both a new experience and a joy for me.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Harrowing Drive - Day 121

We just HAD to drive down the mountain to say good-bye to family and spend a New Year's Eve night.  The drive took over twice as long as normal.  I will remain silent on the stomach aches and gray hairs that it caused.  Here are some amazing pictures so that you can understand the magnitude of the event.

This is the four lane major highway

And this is the forest all around.  It was beautiful, if a little scary.  


  1. UGH! I hate snow...love the 2nd image though.

  2. Oh Patty,
    It certainly is a beautiful drive but I must say I prefer the stuff when I'm safe in my own home with my feet planted firmly on the ground...so glad you are safe at home!

  3. Yeah, I think I will agree with both of you. I love the snow, but not driving in it.

  4. Wow. The first looks almost like an old fashion shot - I expect to see a sleigh! The second is majestic. Stunning.

  5. Beautiful photos! I just love how magical and clean everything looks when covered with a layer or frost or snow...

  6. The photo of the tree is FANTASTIC!!! I would have had a heart attack driving in that but I am glad you capture some photos for us and made it there safe!