If a picture paints a thousand words

This blog is a place for me to work on my photography. My goal is to submit a new picture every day and to get better as the moments go by. I take all pictures with my digital camera. I worked for years with a 35 mm minolta, and this is a learning experience for me. I am afraid that I got lazy and allowed the camera to choose most of the settings for me. This is my journey of learning how to shoot a camera that is not in a program mode. It is harder than I ever imagined. That makes this challenge both a new experience and a joy for me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Chicks! - Day 10

Our Brand New Baby Chicks!

Guess what the mailman brought to our house today?  Yep, 24 newly hatched chickens.  They are all soft and fluffy and many different colors.  This picture was in the chicken house.  The warming light is red, so the picture was originally red to.  I used sepia to tone it down and I liked the effect.  At least it doesn't look like we are raising a bunch of demon birds!

The girls were so excited to get them.  They cuddled them, watched them, watered them, fed them, and cuddled them some more.  

So sweet, so soft, so fuzzy, so new!

I bet you would love one too!


  1. they look so lovely! yes I would like one but so would my cat, dogs and the foxes. lovely lovely pictures

  2. I love all things baby! Right now we have kittens running around and I just want to squeeze them all day long, but that would be bad.

  3. I am almost 45 and when I was a young girl, for many summers we had baby chicks. With this black & white photo I was transferred back in time... I could almost smell the chicks and feel the warmth. Thanks for the memory! :)

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. Those chicks are so much fun for our family!